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The UK promised more strikes

The UK promised more strikes

The UK's military intervention against the Houthi rebels in Yemen was not just an ordinary conflictRather, it is a response to a crisis affecting a global problem. David Cameron, UK Foreign Secretary, stressed the following:

Intervention was not a matter of choice. The actions against the Al-Hawzi group were necessary to maintain the security of Red Sea trade.

– BBC Books.

Cameron said that the United Kingdom warned the Houthis several times before they launched a joint attack with the United States.

Stressing the crucial importance of Red Sea trade routes, the Foreign Secretary said that if these vital routes continue to be obstructed, the consequences will be felt globally and prices in the UK will be unleashed.

He noted that attacks on cargo ships, even those unrelated to Israel, forced major shipping lines to divert ships from the Red Sea and take the longer route around South Africa.

David Cameron also highlighted the UK's commitment to protecting and maintaining “freedom of navigation”, which he said was a fundamental principle essential to maintaining global trade and prosperity. He stressed that these are also actions by the UK to protect vital supply chains.

The Foreign Minister called on the Houthis to expect another attack if they continue their armed actions against ships. Keep going.

We will always protect freedom of navigation. What's really important is that we will be prepared to back up our words with action

Cameron stated.

The Foreign Minister added that Iran, Israel's main enemy, plays an important role in supporting the Houthi group. The aim of the joint UK and US action was to destroy hostile Houthi forces built up with Iranian support.

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Cover photo: Newly recruited Houthi fighters hold a rally in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on January 12, 2024. (Photo: MTI/EPA/Jajha Arhab)

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