The U.S. state number 51 can be created

A group called DC Vote, which endorsed the proposal, has highlighted the spotlight following the news that the White House statement on the issue was the first for the US government to formally support the initiative ever. The group believed this meant greater unity on the issue among the Democrats.

Bill – which is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives – Concurrent with the declaration of Washington, DC as a member state, a new federal capital will be established in the capital’s museums district. This will be in the long square opposite the Capitol, the so-called mall, as there are no locals, as the area is only home to museums.

The statement from the White House Budget Office not only provides “robust support” for Joe Biden and his government to secure Washington, DC’s membership.But it also points out that unrepresented taxes in Washington, DC, and denying it self-government violate the democratic values ​​that are the cornerstone of the United States.

The bill is expected to pass smoothly by the Democratic House of Representatives, but tough battles can be expected in the Senate.

Although both bodies have Democratic majorities, Democratic politicians in the latter have only a small majority, and Democratic senators do not unanimously support the declaration of the federal capital as a member state. The Republicans – who, according to the magazine, prefer to support sparsely populated states, which often vote for Republican candidates – The respective proposal conflicts.

Some analysts have also suggested that Democrats are pushing for Washington to be declared a member state in order to increase their voting base as well.

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There is an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters in the federal capital.

Nancy Mays, a South Carolina lawmaker who also opposed the bill, said the capital could not even qualify as a separate constituency. Forbes magazine quotes MPSE that the number of residents in Wyoming and Vermont is less than that of Washington, DC, which has a population of 692,000, and is barely below the district average of about 710,000.

Steny Hoyer, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, said last week that the proposal is expected to be presented to the House by April 22. The proposal will be submitted to the Senate by Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democrats, who also supports the idea. Forbes remembers that It will take 10 Republican senators to overcome the blockages, but this is highly unlikely.

Democrats had previously suggested that Washington, Douglas Commonwealth, be the first president of the United States, George Washington, was born into slavery in Maryland, but he would later become one of the most prominent abolitionist fighters after Frederick Douglass. Incidentally, the population of the city is 46 percent African Americans, and in the past most of them were black Americans.

The United States was last expanded in 1959. Congress then voted to make Alaska and Hawaii the 49th and 50th member states of the country.

Cover photo source: Andy Dunaway / USAF via Getty Images

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