The two-meter man took second place in the women's running race

The two-meter man took second place in the women’s running race

An Irish student, 195cm, took second place in a women’s 5K run race to demonstrate the absurdity of the gender policy her college represents.

Incidentally, Con Óg Ó Laoghaire, 22, entered the annual university running race, after previously witnessing an English rapper named Zuby breaking a women’s weightlifting record to demonstrate the unfair advantage of male transgender athletes.

The 195cm tall student said it was too easy to get into the competition.

“I registered online and clicked that I am a woman. When I went to the Trinity Sports Center for the race, the lady looked at me and said,“ So you are a man? ”Then she went to change the order. In a slightly changed voice, I said,“ No, I am a woman. ”And it did To solve the problem.

After finishing second in the race, Lauguire said he had elicited very mixed reactions from the spectators and other athletes.

“When I came to the Pavilion Bar to get a silver for women, I admit that I have never seen such a quiet place with so many people in my life. I think some were baffled, some had a good time, some were simply shocked.”

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