The two individual peaks in the five-test period Krizsán Xénia in four hours b

The two individual peaks in the five-test period Krizsán Xénia in four hours b

The first day of the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Toru was a great start for the five Hungarian testers, while Xénia Krizsán took third and Rita Nimes awaited the evening from the sixth. Plus, the former has reached a singles climax in two races, so if you don’t lose momentum and can handle your feet, it could be a medal.


Krizsán Xénia (right) awaits the sequel from third place (Photo: MTI / EPA-PAP / Leszek Szymanski)

On the first day of the European Futsal Championship, the Women’s quintet His fights, there were two Hungarians in the twelfth field, and he also had a chance to win the medal Krizsán Xénia, Or he begins the first international adult competition in his life Nims Rita.

The match started well for both of them with hurdles, and Krizan finished third with a singles peak of 8.27, and Nims eighth at 8.47. On the high jump, they both reached 177, but Krizsán went to the jury after his second attempt and said it was over for him. It was in the air, because the 28-year-old MTK contestant Budapest had a shot in the leg at the National Championship, and since he’s not feeling well, he probably doesn’t want to take the risk now. Thankfully, this time the rest of the field didn’t flash with that number either.

Thankfully, not much trouble, Krizan returned to the throwing circuit once again in weightlifting and took the lead with his best 14.23 throw this year after his first attempt and then after an impressive streak, finishing second with 14.48 people. Peak, only Belgian Olympic, World and European Champion Navisato Tiam was better than him, who finished the morning in the lead. Nims Rita also succeeded in the third attempt, finishing fifth with a score of 13.72, so after the first three numbers from the five trials, Xénia Krizsán finished third and Rita Nimes finished sixth in the overall race, as she expects her to continue in the late afternoon. .

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Meanwhile, the In four hundred meters before the races Nor 19 years old To Daniel Huller, Sem To Evelin Nádházy No progress had been made, which was not an expectation in a strong field. However, Nadzi was very bitter, his odd peak (52.68) is much better than he ran in Torun (55.11), but as he said, in the second half of the distance his legs did not go the way he wanted and described it as one of the worst periods of his life. the present. In any case, it is a big word that there are Hungarian competitors in the number of competitions where the competition is huge.

Liste Dianac This time it failed to perform well The long jump for women Getting to the finals was an amazing feat in the first place, and you had to jump around another peak. But the 618 score is also weak compared to himself, he knows no less than thirty centimeters more, has gotten more balanced since last year, and won his first national championship title this year. However, at the European Championships in Toru, unfortunately, he did not get the result that he was able to achieve.

The Friday night program starts at 7 pm.


Chrissen Xenia, Pentathlon: “The warm-up wasn’t perfect for the hurdles, but I wanted to run really well and got off the start, although I still wasn’t perfect despite the odd climax. I only did two warm-up jumps during the high jump, because my injured leg at home was sore Very, I couldn’t keep warm with her, but my coach, Dezs Szabó, reassured me. I ran for him on every jump so I knew in advance how much pain, that’s why I’m so happy with this 177, but after the race, I have to rest my leg because he’s got a bigger load Now from home. “

Nims RitaRehearsal: “I thought I would be more enthusiastic, but I really enjoyed it more in the hall, as it was a gift for me to be here. The heatsink was tighter than usual, I almost had to fight for the dams, and one of us was stolen, which surprised us. With it a lot.I got into good field, I trusted a good start and I was only two centuries late for my singles climax in the indoor track.On the high jump, my waist just couldn’t hold that record well, and I had to take care of the pregnancy.I caught 177 well, but I’m sorry A little bit because I didn’t get 180. I’m not in good friendship with weightlifting, I’m not happy to talk about my first two attempts, I was in front of the third, so I’m not going to leave 100-150 points in it anymore! I felt relieved that I succeeded. ”
Danielle Holler, 400m: “It’s the first adult race in my life and I had a good time, I wasn’t thrilled because I had nothing to lose. I came to Torun to gain experience, get used to the adult field, so I can race more routinely later, because I hope it is There is more. For this reason, I had no expectations of myself, although the result of my time was average, I admit, I was expecting a little better. “
Diana’s readyLong jump: “This is my first competition in the adult world, where I am out without my coach, Balázs Dömötör, but Mihály Pogány can help me a lot. I had no physical problems, and I was not enthusiastic about anything more than usual, but now unfortunately the match was not done the way Which I wanted, I’m not happy.My first jump became invalid, although I felt good, much better after that than the next two jumps, the second I jumped in front of the board, the third I tried not to squish and tried to put what was left in me, the slide grip was good, But unfortunately I put my feet back, not a little. Throughout the indoor track season, I felt the jump 650 was inside me as well, it would have been great if I had gone out in the European Championship. “

36th European Indoor Championship Tournament, Tourn
Morning results. Men. 400 AD, he conducted:
47. Daniel Höller (Hungary) 48.52 did not reach the semi-finals. women. 400 AD, he conducted: … 39. Nadazi Evelyn (Hungary) 55.11 did not reach the semi-finals. Eligibility: 16. Leste Diana (Hungary) 618 did not reach the final. Five trials (after three races): 3. Krizsán Xénia (Hungary) 2835 points 6. Rita Nimes (Hungary) 2,740 points

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