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The two best teams could have played at the weekend, but one of them didn’t make it

The two best teams could have played at the weekend, but one of them didn’t make it

The last round is coming in both groups of the third division. In the south, the round will be cut short, as the long-awaited tournament final, the meeting between Császár-Ete II, will be absent. and KSK Banai, Császár-Ete II will win the match 3-0, so they are champions without a game. In practice, this was predetermined, in the last round, Bana should have won 36-0 to win the tournament, given the fact that Császár-Ete II. Conceding 26 goals in the league, it seemed absolutely impossible. Therefore, Bana does not stand out. In this way, the Senate would have little share: the third confirmed Csém would travel to Dadra, and the fourth confirmed Szákszend would travel to Bokodra. If Abiy scores more points against Chesem than Bokud against Szakzand, the two goalkeepers switch places, in all other cases Bokud ends up in fifth and Abi in sixth. There are no important questions in the House either: the confirmed seventh Várgesztes closes the season against the confirmed eighth Bársonyos, and the Dragons travel to Oroszlány. The home team can leave the leading position with another success, and the dragon’s position cannot be changed in any way. Neither Bakoniszombathely nor Redi can advance, the home team can return to last place at most. In the North, the last round is coming up, and here the second place is still hesitating, but the mathematics is not complicated: if Vasas Tatapania, who won every match in the spring, can win Nazale, they will win a silver medal, if not, a bronze medal. Dunaalmás would almost certainly defeat Bajót, but this could easily earn the team “only” a bronze medal. Szuzu could run to fourth if he can beat Soto, and the chances of that are extremely high. Fifth place will be decided in Pilismaró, where the home team scored 23 points just like TABAK. Which team wins will be the fifth. Champions Tardos can already celebrate the championship title and the end of the season with a win over Vértestolna.

Eurotrade Solar Interrupts III. Class, South, Playoff, Senators, Fifth Round, Final Round
Sunday, June 11, at 5:30 p.m
Sr. SE – Csémi SE, Bokod FCE – Szákszendi SE.
Eurotrade Solar Interrupts III. Division, South, Playoff, House of Commons, Fifth Round, Final
Gesztesi SE – Bársonyos SK, Oroszlányi SZE – Tárkány KSE, Bakonyszombathely KSE – Réde KSE.
Eurotrade Solar Interrupts III. North Class, Round 26, Final Round
16.30 hours: Naszály SE – Tatabányai Vasas.
17.30: Sütti SC – Bar-Nul Szomód SE, Tardosi FC – Vérstolnai TE, Pilismarót SC – TABAK, DMAC Dunalmás – Bajóti Szikra SE.

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