The twelfth day may be NB I

Sunday could be the day he is Diósgyőr VTK The NB II football team can guarantee promotion to the top. For this, red and white need to win the match, which starts at 5 pm today HR-Kozármisleny rent Against FC Ajka on Matchday 33, as well as FC Ajka, who are third in the table – no longer promoted – behind Diosgir, winless as guests of Color City Kazinbarsikai. Because in this case, there will be no less than 15 points between Diosker and Aka, and although the Transdanobian team can catch up with the leader on points in the next five rounds (if the former wins all their matches, the latter loses all their matches), but since In the event of a points tie, the number of wins takes precedence. And in this, the team next after the promoted places can’t catch up with the DVTK, so the red and white fans can celebrate again in the first division organically.

before the twelfth

This will be the 12th time that Diósgyőr fans are happy with their status in NB I. The first of their 11 matches so far took place on July 15, 1940, and the interesting thing is that Diósgyőr did not achieve this on the field, because they were placed in the higher league by administrative means , by classification, after Hungary. FC’s absence caused it to become a vacant spot. Five times out of the next ten promotions, the second division gold went to NB I (1950, 1957, 1963, 1974, 2011), but after the first place, they had to win a classification (1953). On three occasions, the front line has come after second place, once (1965), and twice with a successful fight rating (1991, 1997). On one occasion, fourth place in the second division also meant entering the first line (2004).

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Those who travel to Kozármisleny, which is more than 400 kilometers away, can experience a possible promotional holiday today away from Diósgyőr. The exact number of red and white push strokes will only be revealed at the start of the match. It is certain that at the facility in Myslny, which can hold 1,000 people, the organizing club provides more seats for visiting fans than it should according to the regulations, as more than 10 percent of the tickets are reserved for DVTK fans, according to the regulations. For information from the club, there are 160 tickets. If more fans than Diosgir would turn up at the venue, the people of Meslini have a scenario for that too, i.e. whoever sets off and gets to the venue on time, at least 30 minutes before the start of the match, will certainly watch the match, and perhaps witness the twelfth show of DVTK.

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