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The true story of Netflix Our Father

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The Netflix documentary Our Father tells the story of a well-known doctor and patients who blindly trust him. Donald Klein fertilized the women who came to him with his sperm, who knew nothing about it.

His shocking behavior came to light by chance when the daughter of one of his former patients underwent a DNA test at home. Nor did she know the mother of the woman and the other victims Donald Cline lasts for years About his “own business”, so of course they didn’t even agree to be the biological father of their children. The our father capturing From a Netflix documentary It turned out that the doctor gave birth to almost 100 offspring …

threads unite

The disturbing true story of Donald Klein and the women and men he cheated on is told in a 2022 documentary directed by Lucy Jordan. The first to suspect something terrible in the clinic was Bloomhouse 41-year-old Jacob Ballard: this American woman is the only one in her family who is blonde and blue-eyed, so out of curiosity Take a DNA test at homestill in 2014.

Thanks to the 23andME database, I also realize this over time He has dozens of half-brothers, but in the first round he had to find out who he is His biological father. His research continued for months, revealing that doctor and fertility expert Donald Klein was the starting point for a diverse story.

The serial killer, modeled after the hero of the Dexter series, is still alive and at liberty.

They must be over 50

Jacob Ballard, after learning that his father was very different from what he thought he found his first half-brother on an online forum. Both of them dropped their jaws when they saw each other, because they were like that They discovered many similarities in their appearance. Then they ran a DNA test together to see if they were really related, and the result showed more clearly from the Sun that they were half-siblings.

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Since then, the machine has started and nearly 100 children born in the 1970s and 1980s have been found to be descendants of Donald Klein. Like Jacob said, it was horrific to find out Indeed, anyone can become close to him, Which, of course, none of them could guess anything. They almost certainly had more body space than they discovered, as DNA testing was done on a voluntary basis, and not all of Klein’s potential children took part in the study.

One of Donald Klein's biological children

This is how Donald Klein lives today

The Netflix documentary features archival footage of the now 80-year-old doctor living in his hometown of Indianapolis. He gave up his practice in 2009, when his medical license was revoked. In 2017, he was fined $500 for obstruction of the investigation and given a 365-day suspended prison sentence.

In a strange way, despite the fact that we have fertilized dozens of women with their own sperm without our knowledge, they are still looked upon, pursued, and enthusiastically supported by many distinguished professionals. It is not classified as sexual harassment under Indiana laws. To this day, he has not explained why he misrepresented what happened.

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