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The true feeling of living in the Wild West, or “America’s Empire” awaits + photos and videos

The true feeling of living in the Wild West, or “America’s Empire” awaits + photos and videos

– When I was thinking about where I wanted to live, in America, in the Wild West, or here, I said here and I’ll build the farm myself, so it’s like I’m there. When I come back from a tour it’s practically as if I never left this site.

Sheriff Hernrics of Oroszlani has lived in Csasar for fifteen years and started building the farm over twelve years ago. Ninety percent of the props came from America, which makes it even more authentic.

Our policy is to let everyone in, and give them what they see. He added that when families leave here, they can say they had a good time. Because there is no entry ticket to Henryxcity. The unique western show entertains the general public on weekends from 14:00. The production was also the idea of ​​the owner, who occasionally involves the audience.

In addition, there is a cultural museum, a bull rodeo, shooting, target throwing, lucky roulette, a petting zoo, and of course delicious food and drinks await everyone. The Western Show train runs every hour from eleven o’clock, although those who want to travel on Hungary’s largest light railway and see another show will have to buy a ticket for it.

Not only Henrik Toth, but his wife and two daughters also partake in the West Village on weekends. Summer fun is so popular that almost two thousand visitors come to the “Imperial America” ​​at this time. But even without a festival, more than a thousand people visit every weekend, as did members of the Kisbéri Bakancsos és Orszájórók Társaság Association.

“It’s like going back in time by two hundred years.” This is the real Wild West feeling and atmosphere. We get away from everyday life. We have entered a completely different world here. Our jaws dropped. The place is very friendly, and the owner is straightforward. I work as a tour guide, from Kesper we go to several places in the country, so it was a given that we would come here too. Besides, we got there on foot. The route itself was interesting as there are no distinct tourist roads and we came through the jungle. But we met nice people everywhere, so I say this should not be missed – tour guide Janos Meretti noted. is official on his Instagram page And you can also watch the cowboy battle of Bakonyalja to the bone!

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