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“The tragedy of the state of law is that they are not investigating Biden.”

“The tragedy of the state of law is that they are not investigating Biden.”

The former Utah attorney general called it a political decision that the US Department of Justice has not yet dealt with Biden By investigating allegations against the family. Brett Tolman who previously served on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Department of Justice is not willing to initiate criminal proceedings in certain policy-related cases, such as Biden In the case of the web of corruption emerging around his family, which is a tragedy for the rule of law – Magyar Namzat reports.

US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden (Photo: Chris Connor/Getty Images)

According to a report issued by the Oversight and Accounting Committee of the House of Representatives, a Biden Many family members benefited from foreign money, and it was one of the leading news stories in the US last week. At least in the right-wing media, because the mainstream media didn’t report that at all, he said Brett Tolman In an interview with Fox News, USA.

On Wednesday, the supervisory board presented a 36-page document to the public Biden In regards to suspicious family affairs. According to the council Biden His family and business partners have founded more than two dozen companies and have received more than ten million dollars in funds from foreign nationals Joe Biden During his vice presidency, between 2009 and 2017, some of the payments were intended to bribe the Biden family.

in some cases Biden His colleagues received large sums of money from foreign sources into their bank accounts, and then transferred smaller but ever-increasing sums to bank accounts linked to the Vice President. According to the commission, the purpose of the complex and seemingly unnecessary financial transactions is to hide funds received from foreign companies. In the report, the board also stated that funds received from Chinese citizens and companies linked to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party were hidden by setting up US limited liability companies.

According to the committee Joe Biden He made political decisions for money, and the FBI has proof of that. James ComerThe Republican chair of the documents committee asked the federal agency because, according to him, the FBI did not conduct the necessary investigations for political reasons.

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But the FBI told the committee last week that it would not comply with the request. He replied that it was clear from the FBI’s response that the documents were there, but that they were not willing to turn them over James Comer to the FBI.

Tolman He expressed concern about the alleged transactions, saying, “If you can’t tell what kind of business the 25 companies are doing, it’s just a cover game moving money.”

Tolman He expressed frustration with the way the Department of Justice was handling or not handling the allegations. He noted that such cases, involving shell companies and movements of funds, were once “the core of the work of the Department of Justice’s Fraud and Corruption Division.” According to Tolman, the administration appears reluctant to investigate the cases.

We are dealing with a Ministry of Justice that refuses to prosecute some cases that have political implications

– He said Tolmanwho also criticized the ministry for reopening criminal procedures in cases involving persons Donald Trump The former president pardoned him. Tolman said, “They’re re-accusing, you know Philip Esforms who was pardoned by President Trump, but they did not capture a member of Joe Biden’s family, who appears to be involved in a criminal organization.”

Tolman According to “the only explanation is that political decisions are made at the command level in the FBI and at the command level in the Department of Justice.” He described it as a new tragic chapter for those who served in the ministry and stressed the need for impartiality “when making decisions about who goes to prison.”

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