The time of judgment fell on New Zealand, and many people lost their lives

in the largest cities of the island, A state of emergency was declared in Auckland and the city region on Friday due to severe weather. According to meteorological surveys

Friday was the wettest day in Auckland on record, with as much rain falling in one day as it has in an entire summer.

Authorities found the bodies of two people in the flooded public spaces, and the third victim was found in the rubble of an apartment building destroyed by landslides in Auckland’s Remuera district. The city’s Fire and Disaster Management Authority said it had received more than 2,000 calls and had alerted more than 700 locations. Approximately 130 people are trapped in cars or homes, and one person is still being searched, as it was reported that he was swept away by flood waters..

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins arrives at the scene on Saturday afternoon – early Saturday Hungarian time Local residents were asked not to leave their homes unless they had to. He warned that the improvement of the weather does not mean the end of the danger. According to the forecast, more rain is expected

Floods made country roads impassable, and the large amount of water flooded homes. As a result of the rains, several parts of Auckland Airport were flooded, and air traffic was ground to a halt.

According to the Prime Minister’s report, electricity services have been restored in most places, albeit roughly 3,500 homes remained without electricity.

The big concert of British singer Elton John on Friday and Saturday was also canceled, although many people objected to the city administration’s decision to announce the cancellation of Friday’s concert when many people had already arrived at the stadium.

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