"A helyzet az, hogy a klubok nem léphetnek ki" - bekeményített a Real Madrid és a Szuperliga elnöke!

“The thing is that the clubs cannot leave,” Real Madrid and Super League president realized!

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that the 12 founding clubs will continue to sign for the European Football Premier League, meaning that members – although the majority have already stated this – will not be able to leave the company.

Florentino Perez (Photo: AP/SITA)

The president of the Royal Club, who is also the first captain of ESL, spoke about this in an interview with the Spanish sports daily AS after the initiative announced on Monday came under widespread attack and among the 12 established teams, in principle, only Real and Barcelona.

“The thing is that clubs cannot withdraw,” said Perez. “Some of them, of course, had to say so under pressure, but this project, or something very similar to it, will pay off. I hope so in the near future.”

The creation of the European Premier League, planned for twenty teams, was announced from Sunday to Monday, with six English clubs and three Italian and Spanish clubs among the founders, but the plan is in the top political and sports circles, the International Federation (FIFA) and the European Union (UEFA), as Widely opposed. Fan groups also drew criticism for the planned series.

Manchester City first announced this on Tuesday eveningTo back off the cast, then dawn on Wednesday, Chelsea and then Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur backed off the initiative.

Wednesday afternoon in Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan With Juventus withdrawing and Juventus and Milan declaring uncertainty over the league’s future, only two clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, remain official members of the Premier League, which is set to have 15 permanent participants. .

Perez, 74, also denied that US investment bank JPMorgan, which is ready to back the league with 3.5 billion euros, would have backtracked on the project.

The sporting director said: “It’s not true either, they didn’t leave either. They asked for time to interact like the 12 clubs.” “If change is needed, we will change.”

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He believes either this chain will be created or the clubs will be destroyed.

Florentino Pérez declared that “the associations will revolt because only the clubs funded by the state will survive, or those with multi-million dollar owners who are entertaining themselves, and it will not be a problem for them to lose hundreds of thousands in one season.”


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