The Tesla Model 3 was launched from the throne of electric cars

The Tesla Model 3 was launched from the throne of electric cars

Jake Fisher, director of car testing for Consumer Reports, said Mach-E was really impressed when the nonprofit group bought it.

It is not only very fun to drive, it is sporty, but also very mature

Fisher told CNBC.

Reliability data collected by Consumer Reports shows that there have been very few problems with Mach-E thus far. Based on data, vehicle owner reviews and tests performed by Consumer Report

The Mach-E was awarded the title of “Best Choice” for the electric car of 2022, as it dethroned the Tesla Model 3 from the throne.

Consumer Reports still recommends the Model 3, but Fisher says the small electric vehicle doesn’t make it to Mach-E in some areas, Especially in the field of hands-free driving and alerts to uninterested drivers. Ford’s BlueCruise system uses a camera to monitor drivers and alert them if they are becoming distracted. The Model 3 also has a camera that monitors the driver, but Consumer Reports said that this camera could be more functional.

Overall, Tesla slipped seven places to 23rd place in Consumer Reports’ rankings for 32 major auto brands. This is Tesla’s worst “top shots” rating in seven years.

In addition to concerns about Tesla’s autopilot system, Consumer Reports is critical of the automaker’s steering rod, which replaced the steering wheel used on the Model S and Model X.

The quality of the 2022 “best shots” is better than ever, Fisher added, and Japanese automakers are back in brand dominance. Subaru won first place, followed by Mazda, BMW, Honda and Lexus. At the bottom of the list this year are Mitsubishi and GMC, just above Jeep, which was the lowest-ranked brand.

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