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The Terminator anime was ordered by Netflix

Terminator animét rendelt be a Netflix bevezetőkép

The first two pieces in the Terminator series are an eternal classic in the science fiction genre, but despite initial successes, neither of them managed to reach that level regardless of trying Skydance over and over again. The company has now approached Netflix to try an animated series instead of the usual movies.

It is not yet known how the series will fit into the story the films tell, but it is already known that it will be produced by one of Japan’s most well-known anime studios, Production IG, to which we owe well-known works such as Ghost In The Shell, Jin-Roh or Psycho Pass.

According to studio director Ishikawa Mitsushika, this opportunity wasn’t lost in any way:

“I asked my good friend and colleague Oshi Mamoru what he thought of this opportunity, and he just asked me about it.”are you crazy ?!Then I was sure we had to get involved. We’re huge fans so Production IG will put their heart and soul into creating this series. We really hope fans like it too! “

While the studio itself is Japanese, the viewer of the series would be none other than Matson Tomlin, who previously worked on scripts for Project Power and the upcoming Batman. Tomlin says this series would be a good opportunity to try approaching the Terminator world differently:

“Anyone knows I would love to take action. It is a great honor for Netflix and Skydance to provide an opportunity to create a series of Terminators facing conventions, putting viewers’ expectations above their heads and not holding back.”

Netflix Vice President John Derderian also agrees that this anime series will engage with the universe in a way we’ve never seen before, and we can’t wait to see what exactly that means. What do you say to the idea? How does this new series learn from the mistakes of the new films?

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