The tenth round of penalty shootout decided, the women’s hockey team defeated Japan

The Hungarian national team defeated Japan 4-3 in a penalty shootout in the preliminary match in Toronto for the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships, which begins on Wednesday.

a result:
Hungary – Japan 4-3 (2-2, 1-0, 0-1, 0-0), penalty shootout
Hungarian top scorers: Metzler (6), Knee (12), Garratt-Gaspareks (32)

According to local time, the Japanese took the lead in the match organized on Friday evening, but Regina Metzler responded quickly. At the 12th minute, thanks to defender Knee Sarah, the Hungarians already had the advantage, but after half a minute the opponent also scored. Halfway through the match, Garát-Gasparics Fanni was effective with the man advantage, and it was only in the penultimate minute that the Asians managed to equalise. In a penalty shootout, the tenth round was decided, with Kinga Jokai Zilagi scoring the winning lead.

Hungary will play another warm-up match against Germany in Toronto on Monday morning CET. The World Cup officially kicks off on Wednesday, and the Hungarians will begin their performance against the French the next day at CAA Arena in Brampton near Toronto.

It is not yet known whether the captain of the national team, Pat Cortina, will be present at the tournament, because he and his German team are still interested in the matches of the men’s third division. If Recerci wins another round, second coach Delaney Collins will manage the Hungarian team.

Participating in the third group world championship in its history, the national team’s goal is to reach the eight, as the last two places are relegated to the first / first division.

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World Cup program for the Hungarian national team (CET):
April 7, 1:00 a.m.: Hungary and France
April 8, 17.00: Hungary-Sweden
April 10, 5 p.m.: Hungary-Finland
April 11, 5 p.m.: Hungary-Germany

Goalkeepers: Bianka Bogáti (HKB), Anikó Németh (MAC Budapest), Zsuzsa Révész (DEAC JA)
Backs: Baker Taylor (Montreal Force, CAD), Vagias Lila (HKB), Case-Simon Francisca (HKB), Sarah Knee (Kalpa, Finnish), Mayer Frucina (HKB), Nimeth Bernadette (Mac Budapest), Odunuja Lottie (University of St. Thomas , American), Enikő Tóth (BJA)
Strikers: Réka Dabasi (Metropolitan Riveters, American), Fanni Garát-Gasparics (Metropolitan Riveters, American), Tamara Gondos (MAC Budapest), Imola Horváth (MAC Budapest), Alexandra Huszák (HKB), Kinga Jókai-Szilágyi (MAC Budapest), Kreisz Emma (Stansted College, CAD), Regina Metzler (Ohio, CAD), Zofia Pazmandi (Ohio, CAD), Alexandra Ronai (Mac Budapest), Mira Serigelli (University of Maine, US), Lara Strobel (HKB), Petra Szamosvalvi (Williams Hayley (Dynamo Niva, Russian).
Spare: Boglárka Báhiczki-Tóth (MAC Budapest), Boglárka Koncz (MAC Budapest), Berta Mozolai (BJA)

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