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The ten worst rated games

The ten worst rated games

Based not on user ratings, but rather on press reviews, the aggregator site has compiled ten products this year that received the worst average scores on a scale of 1 to 100.

We should point out that some games are missing from the list, because Metacritic rates something if it receives reviews from at least seven media outlets. However, this list does not include Fntastic's The Day Before, which has since gone bankrupt, or The Walking Dead: Destinies, which may have warranted a rewrite of the original story, but was executed in such a stupid way that it would almost certainly lead to… Rewrite the original story. Her place on the bench was a shame, but there were a few surprise ones for the match.

  1. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (34 – PlayStation 5)
  2. Flashback 2 (35 – PC)
  3. Greyhill Incident (38 – PC)
  4. Quantitative Error (41 – PlayStation 5)
  5. Covenant: High Human Medal (41 – PC)
  6. Crime Boss: Rocky City (43 – PlayStation 5)
  7. Hellboy: Web of Weird (46 – PlayStation 5)
  8. Gangs of Sherwood (47 – PC)
  9. Episode 8: Summer Of Gods (49 – Nintendo Switch)
  10. Gargoyles Remastered (49 – Nintendo Switch)

Daedalic Entertainment's Lord of the Rings IP was such a flop that the German studio retired to its position as publisher of the game. Flashback Part II is a pile of errors and doesn't deserve the legendary name of the first part. Quantum Error is an FPS game that, although it was developed by a family team, the translation is full of serious grammatical errors (we are talking about an American studio!), and the graphics are buggy during cutscenes (missing pixels from models, if They don't show up, they give us a headache), the story quickly becomes impossible to follow, and the gameplay feels unprofessional, to put it mildly. The reason we're writing about TeamKill Media's game at length is because it's currently only available for PlayStation 5, and everyone was expecting more from the game, for which the studio is already planning two sequels.

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Once again, a big round of applause for these games…

source: GameRant

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