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The ten oldest pubs in the world, where you can still sit down for a drink to this day

The ten oldest pubs in the world, where you can still sit down for a drink to this day

Pubs have played an important role in hospitality for centuries, serving as meeting places for locals and tourists, and one of the centers of community life. Among them are some surprisingly old things.

Sean Barr, Athlone, Ireland

This pub opened its doors in 900, and historians say it was visited by Vikings. Sean’s Bar in Athlone is over 1,100 years old, earning it a Guinness World Record as the oldest pub in Ireland.

Seven Stars, London, United Kingdom

Originally built in the early 17th century, the Seven Stars pub has a completely authentic interior that takes you back in time. The interior features late Victorian decor, including antique wood paneling, antique lamps and a cozy fireplace.

Green Dragon Pub, Boston, USA

The tavern has been in operation since 1654, and played an important role in the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party. Although the pub has been renovated several times over the years, it has retained its original charm, enhanced by historical artefacts. These include letters and documents from the Revolutionary period.

The Merry Plowboy, Dublin, Ireland

Open since 1789, this family-owned bar was bought by The Merry Plowboys in 2006, making it the only pub in Ireland run by musicians. There is live music almost every night, and guests also enjoy Irish music and dance performances.

Zoom Franziscanner, Munich, Germany

This traditional pub, which is also family-run, is located in the center of Munich and is considered the most popular pub in the city. The interior of the tavern, founded in 1363, is lined with rustic wooden tables and benches, and the walls are decorated with Bavarian flags. Special beers can also be sampled in the venue, which showcases delicious traditional Bavarian cuisine.

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The Copperhead, Dublin, Ireland

Located in the heart of Dublin, the eight-hundred-year-old Brazen Head is a famous pub with roots dating back to 1198. The interior of the pub is decorated with woodwork and beautiful brick walls. Classic Irish food and drinks await guests in the pub, which has a homely atmosphere.

The White Horse Tavern, Newport, USA

Located in Newport, Rhode Island, the tavern has been serving guests since 1673, giving it a unique place in American history. This is considered the oldest operating restaurant in the United States and the tenth oldest in the world. Upon entering the colonial-style building, you will be impressed by the antique furniture and magnificent fireplace. In the tavern they serve typical dishes of the region, with an emphasis on seafood.

Ye Olde Miter, London, United Kingdom

Located in Hatton Garden’s popular Diamond District, the pub was a tea house for the Bishop of Ely’s manor in the 16th century, but has retained its original charm with its low ceilings, wood paneling and cozy fireplace. The pub offers a wide range of British beers and ciders, as well as classic pub food such as meat pie.

Eagle, Cambridge, UK

Founded in 1667, the pub is one of the oldest pubs in Cambridge, and has been a popular meeting place for academics and students since its foundation. It was also the site of an important historical moment, as scientists Francis Crick and James Watson announced their discovery of DNA carrying genetic information here in 1953.

Old Cheshire Cheese, London, United Kingdom

Located in the heart of London, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Hotel has hosted many famous British writers throughout its history, including Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mark Twain. Famous for its labyrinthine design, anyone can hide from prying eyes in its hidden corners.

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For historic pubs to survive, public cooperation is often necessary. That’s what happened to this six-hundred-year-old pub, saved by the world’s most famous soap opera.

(source: Food and wineImages: Getty and official websites)

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