Google's AI Assistant, Gemini, has been given a new superpower. You can actually use the YouTube Music extension, which makes listening to music easier and more fun.

A Gemini extension linked to YouTube Music was previously spotted, but was only rolled out in the past few days.

The device connects the Gemini AI assistant to the YouTube music streaming service. This allows users to use voice commands to play music on YouTube Music without having to manually navigate the app. With the help of the extension, you can easily access your favorite music and playlists, you can search for songs, albums, artists and of course play them, and you can also request personalized music recommendations.

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To make everything work, visit page, run the plugin. (Authorization gives Gemini access to view your music preferences and history to learn about your music tastes.) Another way is to ask Gemini on your phone to play some music. An activation pop-up will appear. The plugin is disabled by default and currently only works in English. It's also important that your Gemini and YouTube Music Google accounts match. Once connected, Gemini can access the streaming service and music command library.

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