Starting in June, it will no longer be possible to have a conversation on the Apple Watch with the Messenger app, as it will be discontinued by the Meta. In the future, only notifications from the iPhone will appear on the device.

Apple’s smartwatch system, watchOS, attracted many developers at first, but with time, the enthusiasm began to wane, and recently, you can even hear news that some companies are turning their backs on Apple Watch smartwatches.

A good example is Microsoft’s secure login app, Authenticator, which disappeared from the watch’s app store in January this year, and now only notifications from the iPhone app can be viewed on watches.

On Thursday, Meta also hammered another nail into this coffin. The company announced that Facebook Messenger will only be available on the Apple Watch until May 31, after which it will stop and notifications will only be received from the iPhone.

All this a Techcrunch According to his report, this means that in the future it will not be possible to respond to messages from the watch. watchOS made many things convenient for users – for example, it was possible to chat and receive notifications over Wi-Fi or the mobile network even when the connected iPhone was not with the user. The first will definitely disappear.

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Interestingly, Meta, meanwhile, is an original version of WhatsApp Develop to WearOS, the Android equivalent of Apple watchOS, the first beta of which was released just this week.

It is not known why Messenger is down on watchOS. The argument that connectivity is complicated on a smartwatch doesn’t make sense because, as we wrote above, Meta is currently developing another implementation for another smartwatch system.

In recent years, notes A Techcrunch Big names like Twitter, Uber or Slack have already turned their backs on Apple smartwatches.

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