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The team behind Halide is a new professional…

The team behind Halide is a new professional…

Discover the new professional video app for iPhone, Kino, from the creators of Halide!

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You're probably familiar with Halide, the high-quality camera app for the iPhone. But who makes halide video applications? They turned out to be halide makers themselves. Lux, the studio behind Halide, is launching its first professional video app for iPhone, Kino. It's a joy to use, and its design and user experience match the quality of iPhones.

Kino: A new professional video app for iPhone from the team behind Halide

First impressions

Kino has only been in development since the end of last year. I received version 1.0 of Kino a few hours before release, so my experience is still limited. But my first impressions are positive:

Setup experience: The Kino onboarding experience is as nice as you'd expect from the makers of Halide.
Professional and friendly: The app strikes a great balance between professional and friendly.
Video-focused elements: It offers features such as remaining recording time based on storage space, adjustable resolution and format, and audio input levels.
Record feedback: You can clearly see when you're recording with Kino: a red line runs along the edge of the screen and the recording time is displayed in milliseconds.
Icon design: Surely the application code is not HAL 9000, right? right?!

Kino: A new professional video app for iPhone from the team behind Halide

I'd like to add the entire Halide camera app button to the toolbar (and Halide's Kino button) if that's not already possible. This will create quick switching between photo and video recording in professional photography applications. If your camera shoots frames too fast, it looks like a motion smoothing TV. It looks very smooth to our eyes. Kino makes it easy to expose objects so they look great – with just the right amount of blur. When the “Auto” color is true, it is only green. From outside? Put on an ND filter, watch it record, and you're good to go.

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Other jobs

Other features of Keno v1.0:

– Recording is done in the Photos or Files app: works with USB-C storage.
– Installation guides, levels, volume levels and device notifications.
– Manual focus: with focus shift, WB/AE lock and exposure compensation.
– Lock UI: While recording so as not to disturb the video recording.

Kino: A new professional video app for iPhone from the team behind Halide


Kino is available as a free, one-time purchase for $19.99 in the App Store. Early users can start scoring keno for a limited time starting at $9.99. Kino works best on the iPhone 15 Pro thanks to Apple Log video recording, but it only requires an iPhone running iOS 17.

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