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The task of our time is to renew science

The task of our time is to renew science

At the conference and before the lectures in individual fields d. Brigadier General Gabor Secsi gave an introduction. As said, in our digital age, science must renew itself. This means that, in the spirit of the great science paradigm, it should open up in the direction of society, culture and politics, and at the same time bridge the boundaries between individual disciplines.

In order to do this, we need institutions in universities, scientific academies, and research sites that not only conduct research and scholarly work, but also create communication channels through which the flow of needs and results between individual researchers and society is achieved. Digital technology also helps with this, and also with the fact that science can successfully compete with pseudoscience that appears scientific but is justified by faulty explanations.

He also pointed out that it is the scholars’ responsibility to develop a well-functioning relationship in the direction of education, information and media. It is important to provide the press with scientific information that is understandable, clear and of news value, and education is provided through four research centers established in the University College: the Dienes Educational Center, the Agricultural Center, the IQ Industrial Cooperation Center, and the Minority Research Center.

After the Dean’s introductory lecture, these research centers gave an account of their activities. With regard to research related to sustainability, the head of the College’s Rural Development Research Center, Dr. Associate Professor Ivan Zadori spoke. The head of the Intelligence Center, Dr. Prof. Zsolt Nemeskéri delivered a short lecture on programs for the creation, development and renewal of employability. Reporting on their work so far, Assistant University Professor Dr. Janus Gjorock, Head of the recently established Center dealing with Minority Research, Head of the Zoltán Dienes Teacher Training Center and the Systematic Research Center for Children’s Culture, Dr. College teacher Emery Bose gave an account of their achievements during the culture of children.

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At the conference, games created with the ideas of Zoltán Dienes, son of Valéria Dienes, associated with Szekszárd, making people fall in love with mathematical logic and science of counting, and Dr. A book edited by Professor Emeritus Sandor Klein about the joys of learning mathematics.

The arts were discussed in the morning and afternoon. Rita Varga, secretary of the Dargay Lajos Art Research Group, gave a description of their work in the morning, and in the afternoon an exhibition opened in the college’s Universitas Gallery in memory of the former sculptor who was born 80 years ago and is the name of the group.

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