The Taliban leadership demanded that Afghan women stay at home

The Taliban leadership demanded that Afghan women stay at home

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid put it this way: It is not advisable for women to go to work for their own safety. The spokeswoman said the guidelines are temporary in nature and will allow the Taliban to find ways to ensure that women are “not treated disrespectfully” or “were not treated”.

The Mujahideen explained that this measure is necessary because the Taliban fighters are “untrained”. The spokesperson said they wanted to make sure there was no cause for concern in women. As she said, the women were asked to take time off until the situation was resolved.

CNN notes that at the same time as the order, the World Bank has blocked funding for aid and development projects in Afghanistan, citing concerns about the fate of the women, among other things, and calling for the United Nations for a “transparent and prompt investigation” into the reports of abuses that followed. The Taliban’s seizure of power .. they speak.

US TV News reported that during their previous reigns between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban banned women from jobs and they could only leave their homes with clothes that covered their faces and bodies completely. On the other hand, this time the Taliban claim that they will now pursue a policy that is more moderate and respectful of women’s rights, in their own words: within the framework of Islam.

Cover image source: David Sacks / Getty Images

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