America has not yet withdrawn, but the Taliban are already taking back entire regions

The Taliban leadership council held a three-day meeting

According to his report, Hibatullah Ahonzadeh, leader of the Islamic movement, chaired a meeting from Saturday to Monday in which the participants discussed security and social issues in detail as well as the current political situation.

The Mujahideen also said that this is important Consultations were held to form a new Islamic government. He added that after the talks, Ahonzadeh gave comprehensive instructions to the Taliban leadership.

The exact location of the meeting is not yet known.

The Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in mid-August. The Islamists have thus far shown themselves to be more moderate and peaceful than they were under their rule from 1996 to 2001. However, many Afghans are not confident that they will stick to their current statements. There have already been reports of violations and abuses against journalists.

The Taliban, however They promised to include other political forces in the new Afghan government. According to observers They may soon introduce the new leadership of the South Asian country. It is still not known how the Taliban want to rule Afghanistan.

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