America has not yet withdrawn, but the Taliban are already taking back entire regions

The Taliban is waiting for China’s help

Zabihullah Mujahideen announced the reopening of the Italian embassy in Kabul in the name of historical and cultural relations between the two countries, which may mean recognition of the Taliban government from Rome.

He added that China is its most important economic partner and is ready to help rebuild the country with investments.

He highlighted plans to modernize the copper mines in Afghanistan with Chinese partners. “China provides access to all markets in the world,” said a Taliban spokesman who also confirmed the current leadership’s interest in Kabul in the One Road and One Region (Silk Road) program.

The goal was to improve the international relations of the Taliban government and its recognition by as many countries as possible. In domestic policy, he identified the eradication of the economic crisis and unemployment as a priority. He explained that Qatar and Turkey had offered to help in reopening Kabul airport. Regarding relations with Moscow, the spokesman said that it seems only from the outside that relations with the Russian side have deteriorated.Moscow continues to play an important mediating role.

Zabihullah Mujahid spoke to a La Repubblica reporter on site at the Ministry of Information and Culture in Kabul. According to the reporter, a barbed wire fence and a wall were erected in the corridors of the ministry as a security barrier.

The spokesman said they wanted to form a national unity government with fewer members than before. They also want to unite the country by occupying Punjab, known as the area of ​​anti-Taliban forces. Zabihullah declared the Mujahideen, “If they do not surrender, they will be trampled upon.”

As for women, she explained that there will be no women ministers in the government, but women can still work in ministries or as police officers, nurses, court employees, and also go to university.

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Cover photo source: Jacob Bryant / Getty Images

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