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The swimming pool will be closed in Újszeged in southern Hungary, Szjed and Szeged and its surroundings

The swimming pool will be closed in Újszeged in southern Hungary, Szjed and Szeged and its surroundings

The sports pool in Újszeged will be closed temporarily, and will only be opened at the end of the epidemic. The facility has only been used by competing athletes for months anyway, and they have now moved to the newly handed Tiszavirág Sports Complex.

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Although it has not been officially announced yet, and there is no information on the foundation’s website, we know that the Újszeged sports pool will be closed for the duration of the pandemic.

Since November last year, only competing athletes can train at the facility, who have now moved to the newly opened Tiszavirág Sports Pool.

In addition to female and male water polo players, youth, swimmers, diving swimmers, and competitors from the MVM Szeged Water Sports Federation are training there as well, which means it doesn’t make sense to operate the Timisoara Street facility at the moment. Hence, after SZUE – which has ceased operations as part of the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis since November 11th – another tent roof facility in Újszeged will wait empty until Szeged residents take possession of it again.

The lockdown is clearly intended to save money, as it is sufficient for competing athletes to run a swimming pool.

Tiszavirág is supposed to be much more expensive than jszeged maintenance, since much more space has to be heated, and there are not two but four bathrooms here.

However, it is likely justified in terms of the fact that they do not want to leave the now-delivered complex unused, and on the other hand by the fact that it is an ideal venue for competitions and matches more than sports. Swimming pool built decades ago.

The Újszeged sports pool will be closed until the end of the epidemiological situation.
Photo: Frank Yvette

At the moment we have not received a response from the operator Szegedi Sport és Fürdők Kft. About how much they could save by closing the sports pool, but last fall, Catalin Nagy told our managing director, in the event of a complete shutdown, the savings could be made by lowering the water temperature and the pool area under the tent.

In the case of the latter, of course, the extent of saving depends largely on the outside temperature. On the other hand, hydraulic engineering systems cannot be completely closed, their performance is only reduced.

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