The Swedish language has changed regarding joining NATO

“The negotiations on the Tripartite Agreement (between Turkey, Sweden and Finland) are proceeding at an appropriate pace,” said the prime minister, who also mentioned last week that Ankara is demanding that the conditions that Sweden “does not want or cannot” be met. Investigation.

He pointed out that Turkey often names the people whose extradition Sweden demands, but the courts, not the government, have the right to decide on that, and this system cannot be changed, not least because it is based on international systems. .

He added: This should not be allowed to overshadow progress.

Christerson reminded that a number of steps have been taken on the Swedish side in this regard, such as strengthening anti-terrorism legislation. He explained that they also realized that “some activities that take place on Swedish soil could pose a danger to other countries, and Turkey is one of the countries most affected by terrorism.”

The prime minister did not predict when Sweden would join NATO, but he did hint at elections in Turkey in the spring, and it is questionable whether Ankara will be able to take a position on the issue before then.

Editorial photo: MTI / EPA / TT News Agency / Tim Aro

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