The surprise lies in the large jungle kangaroo wallet

Debrecen Zoo can deliver good news about the Bennett Kangaroo team’s home year after year, and that’s no different this year either, because at the beginning of February the caregivers saw another offspring in one of the female’s bags, the establishment in the Great Forest reported.

Source: Debrecen Zoo

At the time of his birth, the size of a bean, which is now about seven months old, has been growing beautifully ever since, becoming more and more interested in the outside world. Not only has he been peeking for a few days now, but occasionally he jumps out of hiding his safety bag, where he’ll be back until he’s nine months old. With the arrival of the team, the governor’s team from Debrecen now has six, which can impress visitors during their daily show, which begins at 11am.

Source: Debrecen Zoo

The Bennett kangaroo (Macropus rufogriseus), native to the island of Tasmania and eastern and southeastern Australia, is a resident of coastal and scrub forests. Its common name is somewhat misleading, because although it is similar in many respects to its close relative, the kangaroo, it is one of the smaller and denser wallabies in the woods. It is distinguished by the reddish hair of the neck and shoulder, a large and graceful ear – by nature it depends mainly on this and an excellent sense of smell, since its vision is relatively weak. It lives mainly alone, searching for the herbs, fruits and roots that make up its food, mostly at dusk and night, and resting in the shade during the day. Although its wild population is currently stable, the species is listed on the International Union for Conservation’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species due to habitat loss and degradation.

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