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The successor to the outgoing British Deputy Prime Minister has been named

The successor to the outgoing British Deputy Prime Minister has been named

Oliver Dowden, Head of the Cabinet Office Coordinating Government Action, was appointed in his place.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appointed Oliver Dowden, the head of the Cabinet Office that coordinates the work of the government, as Deputy Prime Minister of Britain. Dominic Raab resigned on Friday after several colleagues accused him of harassment.

Raab also served as Minister of Justice in Sunak’s Conservative Party government. This role has now been parted and Alex Chalk will manage the portfolio from Friday.

Dowden and Chalke III appointment. King Charles approved it and made it official.


Raab’s resignation was immediately preceded by an investigation into long-standing allegations that the former deputy prime minister had engaged in violent, conflict-of-interest behavior with colleagues in government.

Among the main findings of the 47-page report was that Raab often communicated with his subordinates in an intimidating manner that was “unreasonably repetitive and aggressive”.

Rishi Sunak received the report on Thursday, and there was widespread speculation that the prime minister would sack his deputy, an old and close political ally.

Raab resigned before he could be fired

However, prior to Sunak’s decision, Dominic Raab had informed the Prime Minister in a letter on Friday that he would be leaving his government posts.

In his letter to Sunak, Raab – who previously headed the ministry responsible for managing the Brexit process and later took over as foreign secretary – confirmed that the report summarizing the findings of the five-month investigation declared all but two of the charges against him. against him null and void, and in the two remaining complaint cases the finding of conviction was also invalid.

Formal complaints were received against the conservative politician by 24 of his former colleagues, and the investigation included eight specific cases.

Raab wrote of accusations made about his conduct that ministers should be given the opportunity to make critical remarks.

According to Raab, it is dangerous if the threshold is low

Raab said the investigation set a dangerous precedent by setting a low threshold for classifying leadership behavior as harassment, which would only encourage those who make false allegations against Cabinet members.

He actually quit during the month of May

49-year-old Dominic Raab will not voluntarily leave the British government. During Theresa May’s premiership, in November 2018 he resigned from the head of the department (DExEU) that runs the process to end British membership in the EU, on the grounds that he could not “in good conscience” support the project. Agreement on the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union, which the government agreed to at the time.

The personal decision of the Prime Minister

Oliver Dowden, the new Deputy Prime Minister since 2015, has been a member of the House of Commons and, in recent years, has been Minister without Portfolio, and has also served as Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Even with his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister, he retained his position as Minister responsible for managing the Cabinet Office.

Appointed Minister of Justice, Alex Chalke was previously Secretary of State for Public Procurement in the Ministry of Defense and then Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice.

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In Great Britain, there is no law requiring the position of Deputy Prime Minister, it is the personal decision of the sitting Prime Minister whether to appoint one of his colleagues to the position.

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