The studio's chief designer announced his departure a few days after the game's release

The studio’s chief designer announced his departure a few days after the game’s release

After leaving the DICE board, the studio’s lead designer, Faouzi Mismar, learned VGC from a company email he also saw. The team’s latest game, Battlefield 2042, was released last week, but it wasn’t received enthusiastically by the public, so there may be a suspicion that Mesmar has a case of leaving the shipwrecked. But the letter learned that the specialist had previously decided to leave DICE after the release of the last game.

Nail has been a senior designer at DICE since 2019, having previously chaired King Candy Crusht. At DICE, he oversaw projects such as Star Wars: Battlefront II, Battlefield V, and Battlefield 2042. In a letter to employees, he said he was happy to work with “the best design teams in the galaxy,” but received an offer from another company he couldn’t refuse. And this unnamed company was willing to wait until Battlefield 2042 launches, and Nail said it was important for him to be with DICE when they “reach this historic milestone.”

The designer will be leaving the company there on November 26, tomorrow, and his new job has been completed in Stockholm. It has not yet been announced who will be Nail’s successor as they want to focus on Battlefield 2042 for the time being.

Although there are a lot of people playing with BF2042, its user ratings are pretty bad (like Steam) due to bugs and gameplay changes. The game will be patched today and early December, as described in more detail here. According to a leak, the next DICE game will be Battlefield.

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