The students of the Kiskunfélegyházi Wrestling Sports Federation had a busy weekend

On April 1, competitors from the U17 age group traveled to Budapest to the Vasas SC arena to compete against the best in the country in freestyle and women’s wrestling in order to win the national team, coach Daniel Poliak told our newspaper.

All members of the Church Half team finished on points, with four receiving a medal:
– Zsofia Tapodi 2nd place
– Zoltán Czakó Second place
– Third place Eva Bali
– Kiss Henrietta 3rd place
– Fifth place, Tamas Barani Almasi

Based on the overall score of the women’s half-church team, the third team competition. Her position also became our position.

On Sunday, April 2, the regional championship for the first student category was held in Soltvadkert. The competition was also a children’s party, where our youngest wrestlers could show what they had learned so far. The Kiskunfélegyházi Wrestling Sports Federation participated in the competition with a large team of 17 people.

Bianka Bárány-Almási, competing among boys, could not find a winner and could once again call herself the regional champion.

Benke Barnabás just slid off the podium in a strong field and finished fourth.

Our youngest have gained valuable experience in great matches and after huge fights. For many of them, the Soltvadkert competition was the first competition in their lives.

Among them, he commanded all his opponents behind him and managed to stand on the highest step of the platform:
– Digger bell
– Milan Buddy
Private Cornell.

Only one contestant proved to be better than them, so it became the second:
– Dariush Paco
– Milan Beck
– Levente Cotrocho
– Áron Kalmar’s
– Pines Buddy

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As it was on the platform:
“Noemi the Great”.
– Buglarca Palvi
– Noémi Palfi
– Al-Hadi Molnar
– Dominic the Dragon
– Emre Baku
– dám Barany-Almási

Overall, it was an exceptionally successful weekend for the Kiskunfélegyháza wrestlers.
Congratulations to all!
Coaches: Josef Szabo, Jenny Fan, Andras Kelemen, Norbert Mollnus, and Daniel Poliak.

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