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The student from Telles who won academic competition programs and raises chickens

The student from Telles who won academic competition programs and raises chickens

Even today, it’s not every day that a blue-eyed, long-haired ornate lady moves home in the world of IT and mathematics. Eighth grade Rica the Butcher Most recently, he won the IT National Round of the International Mosaic Study Competition. The multi-round competition was held online from October and six to eight tasks had to be solved each month. In the spring, the national tour was held in Pécs. – There was a piece of software that had to be solved mentally. It was not possible to try it on a computer, said Rika, who had been preparing to become an IT engineer since she was very young, and this task was the most difficult.

– I once accompanied my sister to a job fair in Budapest where she learned about robots. I’ve been interested in programming ever since. He said that I decided to become an IT professional when I was six or seven years old.

Today, he also assembles robots at home. He loves programming, and can’t be left out of his weekly activities. Réka did exceptionally well in the Central Entrance Examination. Primarily, he chose the field of Information Technology as a direction for his further studies.

– Based on the results of my admission, they persuaded me to study mathematics instead. I had a weekend to decide which one I wanted. They entrusted me with the decision, and I voted for the math, so I’ll continue to study this course at Tanksex High School in the fall, but I’ll be an honorary informant. I will have the opportunity to further develop my IT skills, – smiled an eighth grade girl, who also achieved serious positions in prestigious mathematical competitions. However, he was not completely fascinated by the world of mathematics and information technology. Drawing also has a place in his heart.
– After programming or a math task, it’s a good idea to create something. I love graphite pencil more than anything, I love the simplicity of black and white. I now have the opportunity to paint digitally. Flowers and animals are my favorite subjects.

Rika loves to deal with animals not only on paper, but also in reality in her home. Keeps special favourites.
“We have chickens.” I keep dwarf chocinos. Their whole body is covered in feathers, even their feet, and they are very cute. They don’t like everyone, but they do, they often fly at me, and we have a special relationship. There are 25-30 of them. The eighth grader, who prefers to sell chickens, but does not want to see her pets in a frying pan at home, said that they live in the basement, but in the afternoon we let them out into the garden under supervision.

It is as versatile as it is useful

Teachers and students know Rika to be down-to-earth, flexible, versatile, and helpful. – He is happy to participate in any competition. Last year he was the captain of the regional second place team in the crime prevention competition organized by the police. When we go on a class trip, he is the first one behind the kitchen table and helps the others, even making dinner. He said of him that in my 39 years as a teacher I had few distinguished students Gutka lambhis class teacher.

– Rika and I prepared for many competitions together. Many of his classmates go to math competitions, and they always ask if Rikka is coming too. If they go to a team competition, he said, Rika represents the women, and the other team members are the boys Mrs. Zoltan Nagy, teacher of mathematics and chemistry at Réka. As a “must” subject teacher, he tries to explain in different ways if the students don’t understand something, but when he runs out of ideas, he asks Réka to help them understand math in the students’ language.

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