The strongest letters in the world: Which country of its citizens is easiest to travel to this time?

a Henley Passport Index He published the 2021 list, which includes “strong” messages, that is, countries that can travel to most other countries as citizens without a visa or with visa waiver. At the time of preparing the list, limitations due to current coronary artery disease were not taken into account.

China remains at the fore: Japan is the first, where you can travel to 191 countries around the world without a visa or with an easy visa application on arrival. In second place, Singapore will provide fast and easy admission to 190 countries; And the third is South Korea and Germany, with a score of 189.

In fourth place is Italy, Finland, Spain and Luxembourg ll (188), 5. Dnia s Austria (187), 6. Sweden, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia (186), 7. SWJC, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway. , Belgium, j-Zland (185), 8. Grgorszg, Mlta, Czech Republic, Australia (184), 9. Canada (183), 10. Hungary (181).

Romania ranks 17th with 172 countries.

The dominance of China and the Pacific is a relatively good trend in this area, with the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union traditionally leading the ranks of the highly qualified. (CNN Across Breaking news)

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