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The streets of an English city have been filled with raw meat for weeks, and no one has any idea who it is or why.

The streets of an English city have been filled with raw meat for weeks, and no one has any idea who it is or why.

In Stockport, it is no longer unusual for someone to find a pile of chicken legs in the street.

A mysterious figure has been haunting the English city of Stockport for weeks. The unknown perpetrator (or perpetrators) has angered the population in a completely bizarre, perhaps unprecedented way, and at the moment their rampage has no chance of ending.

as BBC In the red zone of the city with a population of 136,000, residents have been complaining for weeks that someone is regularly “dumping raw meat” in the streets, he writes. Most often, harmless passers-by stumble upon red meat trees, but there have also been cases where a pile of raw chicken legs has been found under a tree. Incidents are mostly reported around Manchester Road Park and Whitehill Industrial Park, but meat crimes have also occurred near Heaton Moor railway station. Stockport City Council regularly takes action to clean up meat, but residents are upset and offended by the phenomenon.

“People are worried, they don’t know if it contains poison or if it is intended for dogs to make them sick,” the newspaper’s dissection of the public mood. Joanna WilliamsLabor MP for Al-Muhammar. According to him, in the midst of the livelihood crisis, everyone is saving wherever they can, so it is conceivable that some companies do not make sure that expired food items, for example, are disposed of correctly, and instead throw them on the street. “They may not even realize that what they are doing is essentially dumping, even if the product is considered biodegradable,” the representative said.

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Frankie SingletonThe city councilor assured everyone that the local council was monitoring the situation in cooperation with the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, but also reassured them that he had not heard of any cases of dogs or other wild animals becoming ill since the meat was introduced. . The local police have not yet responded to press inquiries on this matter.

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