The streak ended, and the defending champion Csíkszereda was eliminated

Csíkszereda lost the first match against Brasó away in extra time only 6-5, then won the second, also in Brasov, easily 4-1, and then collapsed unexpectedly, but in a more spectacular way. On Wednesday, he lost first 5-2, then 5-1, and couldn’t even pull himself together for the fifth game on Sunday. The final third started with a 3-2 lead in Brasov, and the home team scored twice to win 5-2.

As reigning champions, Csíkszereda’s ouster is a surprise, but Székelyföld’s side faltered throughout the regular season as well. Perhaps the decline is due to the fact that the team could not replace the coach who left in the summer, moreover, Ricco Rossi left the team shortly before the start of the season, in mid-August, according to the official explanation. to get a better view.

The team did not even succeed in replacing the Canadian specialist, so as usual, Levente Hozo stepped in as acting coach. It was important for Csíkszereda to start the season with four defeats. After that, he again got on his feet and won six matches in a row, but then the defeats came again, and the leaders hired another Canadian coach. Miracle Tom Coolen couldn’t do it and at the end of January left under strange circumstances. The Levente Hozó temporarily tried to organize the lines again, but Sportklub only finished the regular season in sixth place, and they went into the playoffs under another Canadian coach, Jeff Ball.

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