Windows will also work on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck doesn’t slide any further

Hundreds of portable consoles have reached game developers.

Due to manufacturing and shipping difficulties, Valve’s plan fizzled out at the end of last year, and it was unable to begin shipping the handheld console to pre-ordered Steam Deck players in December. When the situation was announced, customers who had hit the product promised as soon as they could expect their devices to arrive from February, and now it has managed to do so in mid-January. For confirmationFrom the end of the second month, parcels can be delivered to courier services.

steam surfaceSource: Valve

Fortunately, forced deferrals also had benefits, and the company has now been able to distribute hundreds of templates to top developers so they can test play their games on Steam Deck and make fixes and improvements available to them.

Additionally, with the slip, Valve officials were given a few extra months to upgrade their Linux-based Steam OS 3.0, allowing customers to use a product that works better with a wide variety of games from day one.

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