The statistic that Verstappen will definitely not be world champion this year

Formula 1 is full of interesting statistical data, and although only 3 races have been held this season, there are really interesting facts. If the current trend continues, Max Verstappen will not be this year’s World Champion.

Over the past two seasons, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc have achieved the following results in the first three races of the season: 1st, 2nd and 1st. The British Mercedes champion managed wins in Bahrain and Portimao in 2021 before finishing second in race two at Imola. A year later, the Monaco Ferrari driver also managed to win in Bahrain, but finished second in Jeddah, and then managed to win again in Melbourne.

The last time we saw something like this was in Melbourne in 2018

So Hamilton and Leclerc produced the same series during the first 3 races in 2021 and 2022, and were at the top of the table at this stage of the championship. However, none of them could have been happy at the end of the race, because on both occasions the World Championship trophy went to the supremacist Dutch Red Bull.

However, 37-time race winner Verstappen achieved exactly the same results in the first three races of the season as Leclerc and Hamilton did in previous years. The Dutchman was able to finish the season opener in Bahrain, take second place in Jeddah, and was also able to win in Australia. If the streak continues with Verstappen and the Dutchman only finishes second in the individual championship, then who will be world champion in 2023 could also be a big question?

Verstappen couldn’t handle himself, he also kicked a Ferrari (VIDEO)

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