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The State Department likes to appoint ambassadors to other countries, not Russia

The State Department likes to appoint ambassadors to other countries, not Russia

As we have written before, the Hungarian government has no objection to teaching the 1956 revolution as a fascist rebellion in Russian schools.

He is the Minister of State in charge of bilateral relations, Tamas Muncher he told Oregothat

“In 1956, the Hungarian people rebelled against the communist dictatorship, and this is a clear and unequivocal fact, not up for debate. Any statement to the contrary is false. What happened is so clear that we will not open a dispute with anyone about it.”They do not open a discussion with anyone in this matter, and they do not even order the ambassador to discuss the obvious facts with him. But what is the value of accommodation in the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Office?

Without claiming perfection, we have collected a few of them scandal issue:

  • In 2017, the US Chargé d’Affaires David Kostelensik had to attend because the US State Department wanted to support independent and objective journalism in the countryside, which, according to the Hungarian government, represented an attempt to interfere in Hungarian domestic politics.
  • In 2018, the Swedish ambassador had to come to Peter Sjärto’s office because “the pro-immigrant Swedish government launched another attack on Hungary”. Security was defeated by the fact that Swedish Minister of Immigration Helen Fritzon reminded the Hungarian Foreign Minister at a ministerial meeting in 1956, when Sweden enthusiastically accepted Hungarian refugees.
  • The following year was also eventful for the Swedish ambassador: on one occasion he had to visit Szijjártós because the Swedish minister in charge of social affairs tweeted that what was happening in Hungary was “alarming”, and another time because the Swedish prime minister was concerned about the Hungarian situation. freedom of expression.
  • At that time, the Spanish Foreign Minister was also afraid of the freedom of the Hungarian press, as he said that Hungary hates foreigners and that the branches of power are not separate here. The result: the ambassador of Spain in Budapest was appointed to the KKM with immediate effect.
  • In 2019, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in a campaign speech, spoke among other things about the fact that the rule of law is not respected in Hungary, and all this is done as if there were no consequences. The caller answered immediately to the Dutch ambassador in Budapest.
  • And it’s a really high-profile case: in April 2021, the chargé d’affaires of the German Embassy in Budapest was asked to join the Foreign Office. The topic of discussion was the dismissal of goalkeeper coach Zsolt Petri, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the government’s dissatisfaction with that“In Germany, anyone can face an existential response for expressing their opinions within a legal framework.” Zsolt Petry was struck by it existential responseBecause in one interview he criticized, among other things, Peter Gulacsy, who advocates for rainbow families, values ​​European immigration policy as a manifestation of moral decadence, and said that it pains him that those who say that “Europe has been swept by a wave of chaos” A huge number of criminals” are considered racists. He was expelled, and the German ambassador was allowed to explain himself.
  • In 2022, Austria’s ambassador to Budapest was recalled because one of the heads of the Austrian Public Service Television and Radio (ORF) stated in a later-deleted Facebook post that Viktor Orbán’s heart attack would be a “fair thing”.
  • The Ukrainian chargé d’affaires in Budapest had to appear before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of the removal of the statue of Turol in Monkach, Transcarpathia.
  • Finally, let us also remember the Romanian ambassador who was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2019 after the Özvolgi incident, but he did not go.

So, here are some examples of what the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for recently (concerns about the Hungarian rule of law, freedom of expression, etc., sacking of goalkeeper coaches, removal of the Torol).

why not?

A good example of Serb-Hungarian friendship is that after Serbs attacked Hungarian soldiers during the riots in Kosovo, seriously injuring many of them, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said He did not even mention the nationality of the attackersPeter Sjärto blamed the European Union, saying that if the union expands faster and Serbia is annexed, it is possible to ensure the stability of the Western Balkans. Ambassador asked? impossible.

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