The state buys the Körös hotel building

The state buys the Körös hotel building

The latest issue of Magyar Közlöny published a government decision regarding state ownership of the Körös hotel building in Békéscsaba and the use of the property for a community function.

Tamas Hirschig Member of Parliament, a On the side of society It was announced that after its announcement in July and as a result of several negotiations with the government, the fate of the Körös Hotel in Békéscsaba was finally determined on Thursday.

– According to the government decision, the Hungarian state will buy the property by December 31 of this year, after which a quarter of a century of shame will disappear from the heart of the county seat. Several ideas have already been put forward for the future utilization of the vacant site that will soon be constructed on an area of ​​2000 square meters on the site of the Hotel Körös, which was once more beautiful. Tamás Herczeg said, I think it is true that according to the opinion of the majority of people who live in Picscaba, some kind of architectural and landscape ideas will be realized.

A member of Parliament asked the coordinators of the Sixty Thousand Wood Society, Dr. Balázs Duray, Pál Poliák, Zoltán Ulbert, Békéscsaba City Protection and City Beautification AssociationAnd the president, Gabor Ujray, to help launch community planning on the topic. NGO leaders pledged to launch a public consultation.

“Thus, after a comprehensive local social dialogue that includes the citizens of Chapa, the local government will be able to decide the fate of the ideas that define the image of the city center,” added Tamas Herzeg.

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