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The start of filming for Season 2 was revealed on Wednesday

The start of filming for Season 2 was revealed on Wednesday

The reason for the decline is the Hollywood writers' strike, which has ended in the meantime, so it is expected that the Tim Burton series will finally start airing in April 2024. However, according to information, the filming location will not be in Romania this time, but in Ireland, although no information has been received. About the details of the change. In any case, Netflix recently clarified that filming Wednesday, as well as the final season of Stranger Thing, is a priority, which means the creators will be able to deliver new episodes to fans as soon as possible.

There's no Wednesday release date yet, but you can do some math from the works of the first season. Well, the first season was filmed from September 2021 to March 2022 and then premiered in November. If Season 2 follows a similar timeline, viewers won't be able to return to Nevermore until the spring of 2025. So we'll probably have to wait more than a year for Wednesday Addams' adventures to continue. This is certainly not very good news for fans, not least because the filming start date is still just a rumour, so the above can only be achieved if the crew actually starts work in April.

Since no specific information has been leaked regarding Wednesday's continuation, it is impossible to know what it will be like. Of course, you can guess, it can be said that Jenna Ortega will return to the main role, but the story is still unclear. Obviously there are theories that, according to some assumptions, more focus will be placed on the Wednesday family in the future, but speculation has also begun regarding the deceased director of Nevermore.

Season 2 of Wednesday is here... the only question is when - here's everything you need to know so far

Season 2 of Wednesday is here… the only question is when – here's everything you need to know so far

So, for now, it's still not entirely clear what to expect regarding Wednesday's continuation, and the situation isn't helped by the fact that no trailer has seen the light of day yet. Only a short video clip appeared, in which Wednesday's voice can be heard saying:

I've been stalked, stalked and imitated a million times online. It was pure torture. Thanks

– can be heard in the recording in which Jenna Ortega confirms that she will return to the iconic role.


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