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The sports ground in the city park is being renovated in Volek

The sports ground in the city park is being renovated in Volek

Thursday, July 6, 2023 – 7:08 PM

The Municipality of Volek, at its June meeting, approved the plan to renovate the sports field located in the park behind the high school building.

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For this purpose, the city requested support from the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics of the SZK. If the project is approved
The city will contribute five percent as a co-financier, according to the press release sent to our portal.

On June 30, the Volk municipality submitted a grant application of €163,000 to the ministry for a project to revitalize the public area located in the city park behind the high school building. It aims to completely renovate the old asphalt track and the paved areas around it. If the project is successful, the city will co-finance it with five percent of its own budget, which translates to around 8,500 euros.

As Mayor Atilla Agux said, the city has been working on renovating the sports field in the park for several years. “We recently built a multi-functional court in a part of the sports area. However, some residents missed the stand-alone basketball court that they used to have. So we were interested in the idea of ​​how we can eliminate this defect to satisfy different interests.
needs of youth communities. We also discussed this issue with the high school administration that uses these areas as part of physical education, and we also met with members of the ski community who lack infrastructure in the city. We have prepared the project while waiting for the corresponding tender.”
Inform the mayor.

According to him, the project was developed so that the area could be used for many sports. In addition to the completely renovated asphalt surface, a steel structure with protection netting is planned behind the new gates, basketball constructions, handball gates, and tennis net support posts. In the area behind the multifunctional track, some concrete elements for skaters will be placed. Street equipment will also not be lost, in the form of benches, waste bins and bike racks, and old street equipment and non-functioning public lighting poles will also be removed. According to the needs of the project, a cabinet containing an external defibrillator and alarm will also be found here. After the construction work is completed, planting and landscaping work will follow – replacing the soil and turf and planting five trees.

With the renovation of the sports field in the entrance part of the city park, a comprehensive infrastructure will be created for residents of all ages and interests to fully enjoy their leisure time and sports activities. If the project is approved, the sports stadium will be renovated by the end of this year.


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