The Spanish and American women’s shirt teams also qualified for the semi-finals.

The United States, the defending champions, defeated Canada 16-5 in the quarter-finals of the women’s water polo tournament at the Tokyo Olympics, making it into the top four. Spain then beat China 11-7 and will play Hungary in the semi-finals.

The Spaniards reached the semi-finals (Image: Getty Images)

The Americans’ favorite high-status tallied 7-1 against Canada after the first quarter and then won the second half 4-2, leading by eight goals during the break.

The Canadians were more defensive in the jump, but the US was also more imprecise than before – 0-0 in the third quarter. The final match was won by three (5-2) defending champions in the end, winning 6-5 while they are there in the semi-finals.

After that, the Spanish national team jumped into the pool against China and threw nine goals until the end of the first half. They then made a total of two hits in two games in the second half of the match, but ended up winning 11-7 anyway.

Tokyo 2020
water polo, women
a fourth

Canada-United States 5-16 (1–7, 2–4, 0–0, 2–5)
Spain– China 11–7 (5–2, 4–3, 2–1, 0–1)
Holland-Hungary 11-14 ((3-4, 4-4, 2-2, 2-4)
Team Australia and Russia 8-9
(2–4, 2–2, 2–2, 2–1)

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