The source code for the CD project may become available

The source code for the CD project may become available

Data stolen from the company can be downloaded for free, but it is protected with passwords.

A massive disaster struck CD Project in February, as it fell victim to a targeted extortion virus attack in an attempt to crack Cyberpunk 2077, which was released in disrepair in December. Not only did this delay work for weeks, but the blackmailers stole the source code for the next release of Gwent, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher 3, which are currently in development, as well as a lot of internal documents and more.

Cyberpunk 2077 movieSource: CD Project RED

The CD project refused to pay the Russian extortionists, according to the guess, so they wanted to auction the stolen data, but this was blown up after they claimed that the information had found a buyer in another way. The transaction is concluded on the condition that the data is not disclosed to others.

Cybercriminals seem to have no outlaws, sharing game source codes on torrent sites, as well as other data associated with them, in part to promote their dark web portal designed to expose stolen data.

The code bases are packaged in password-protected 7-Zip archives and they claim to release their passwords in exchange for “donations” paid for in cryptocurrency. The purpose of the money collected is donated to charity, and anyone who doesn’t think they should do so. They want to be announced when tens of thousands of dollars are raised, and the last time they reach $40,000 they can unlock the Cyberpunk archive.

However, it appears that the passwords of some archives have been shared, including through private channels, including EuroGamer His colleague also watched some videos of Cyberpunk. For the most part, we have to think about the funny little things that the developers made, one of which is, for example, a Buggy NPC rolls on the floor for the X-Files song, and the other has replaced the character models with chickens.

As of our news, Project CD has not responded to the latest move by cybercriminals.

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