The sound of air defense sirens, and a fierce siege awaits Kyiv - here's the main news on Saturday

The sound of air defense sirens, and a fierce siege awaits Kyiv – here’s the main news on Saturday

German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbock said on Saturday that Berlin is working with international partners to build an air bridge to transport Ukrainian refugees to Moldova.

After a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Nico Popescu in Chisinau, Barbock said the German government would transfer 2,500 Ukrainian refugees directly from Moldova directly to Germany as a first step. Initiatives include the creation of a “green corridor” for buses through Romania and direct flights from the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, or through neighboring countries.

Barbock said the European Union provided 5 million euros (1.85 billion HUF) in emergency aid to Moldova, and the German government provided an additional 3 million euros (1.11 billion HUF). These funds complement the €37 million in economic support allocated by the Ministry of Development for this year. The German Federal Technical Assistance Agency provided, among other things, camp beds, sleeping bags, tents, heating equipment and food. According to Popescu, Moldova received a total of about three hundred thousand people from Ukraine, and more than one hundred thousand of them are still in the country. (MTI)

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