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The soulless French national football team won 4-1 from Mexico

The soulless French national football team won 4-1 from Mexico

The Spaniards drew 0-0 with Egypt in a very boring match. The Spanish team played stars such as Unai Simon, Marco Asensio, Mile Oyarzabal, who also defended in the European Championship, or Dani Olmo. The Spaniards played in a very sleepy state, receiving five shots, two of which were made by Rafa Mir and Carlos Soler, who substituted for each other.

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On the other hand, the French produced a game that was criticized. Few of the stars came to the Olympics, but they weren’t too interested in the match either. Mexico went into the match in great style, wanting to score as many goals as possible. In the end, they won 4-1 with hits from Aguirre, Antuna, Cordova and Vega.

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Results: Group A: Mexico – France 4-1. Group B: New Zealand – South Korea 1-0, Group C: Egypt – Spain 0-0, Group D: Cote d’Ivoire – Saudi Arabia 2-1. On this day, even the Argentine national team will be presented and a match will be held between Germany and Brazil.

She also played the second round in women’s softball. Results: USA – Canada 1-0, Japan – Mexico 3-2, Australia – Italy 1-0. Position: 1. Japan and the United States 2/0, 3. Australia and Canada 1/1, 5. Italy and Mexico 0/2

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