The song Drifting Birds on the Brink of Extinction was recorded

The album, compiled from the sounds of endangered Australian birds, tops the country’s charts. He has mentored many stars behind him, including Abba, The Weeknd, Michael Buble, and Mariah Carey.

a Birdlife Australia Prepared by the Bird Protection Association, disappearance songs (Disappearance Songs) features songs from 53 of Australia’s most endangered birds, compiled by specialist David Stewart.

Stewart has been recording the sounds of Australia’s wildlife for more than 30 years: in some cases, a specialist waited for hours in the bushes to record a single short giraffe.When the album was released on December 3, a campaign was launched on social media to get the album on the Australian ARIA charts. The album finally made history: it was the first album of its kind to be listed in the top five. Proceeds from the sale will go to BirdLife Australia’s animal welfare projects.

The checkered honey (Anthochaera phyriga) is listed on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species.Source: Wkimedia Commons / Jss 367

This special album also showcases some rare shots of birds that wouldn’t survive if we didn’t catch them together and protect them.” said Paul Sullivan, CEO of BirdLife Australia.

One in six Australian bird species, so 216 out of 1,299 are endangered, according to a study by Charles Darwin University.

The study, which also included the experience of more than 300 bird experts, found that climate change is bringing individual species closer to extinction.

Devastating bushfires in 2019 and 2020 devastated the animals’ habitats, with BirdLife Australia estimating that the number of endangered bird species could rise by 25 percent.


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