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The socialist play is beginning to take shape, and conservatives can ignore it

The socialist play is beginning to take shape, and conservatives can ignore it

socialist candidate, Francina Armengault They elected him Speaker of the House of Representatives The lower house of the Spanish Parliament. 178 out of 350 legislators voted for him, and this improves it Pedro Sanchez Prospects for the current prime minister to form a government.

After early elections at the end of July, the most likely scenario seemed to be that a stalemate would develop in the country. The only option to resolve this was to call another election.

vote The final result became the following:

  • People’s Party (PP): 136 states;
  • Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSEO): 122 states;
  • Fox: 33 states;
  • Sumar (Alliance of left-wing parties): 12.27% support, 31 seats.

Before the election, analysts had assumed that the People’s Party would turn against the alliance with the far-right Vox party and form a government together. However, Vox’s performance is weaker than expected ban it Of this opportunity, as they do not have the required 176 parliamentary sessions for a majority.

The Conservatives could team up with two small parties, but even then they would not have enough support. The leader of the Socialists, Pedro Sánchez, has promised to veto the minority government. chess mat.

Of course, originally, the position of the incumbent prime minister and his party, which finished second in the vote, was not much better. So far, it also seems they can’t bring together the dream limit of 176 states in any coalition configuration imaginable within a rational framework.

However, the fact that the Socialists finally managed to gather enough support from the representatives to win the Speaker’s position slightly rearranges the balance of power. If not the latter, the Socialists could be the first, but they certainly have a chance of launching a royal flush from a vanquished position.

Pedro Sanchez will no doubt try to use this success to impress VI. King Philip of Spain that he deserves the opportunity to form a government – to draw attention to Politico. Their meeting is scheduled for next week.

How did Thursday’s victory in the House of Commons become possible? For example, the seven legislators of the Catalans rendered him indispensable assistance.

Full of hope for independence

The party Juntes per Catalunya (Together for Catalonia) originally tied conditions in supporting the Socialists. They demanded a general amnesty for those who participated in the Catalan independence referendum in 2017, which ultimately failed, and demanded that Madrid agree to another referendum on self-determination.

The Socialists have always asserted that these demands cannot be met because they are inconsistent with the Spanish Constitution. Of course, there is no doubt that Pedro Sanchez managed to get the support of the Junts on Thursday in exchange for promises, but apparently not with the above.

According to Spanish press information, new measures have been pledged to promote the use of the Catalan language in the Spanish Parliament and the formation of a special committee tasked with investigating the monitoring of Catalan separatists in exchange for the votes cast for Francina Armengol.

In any case, Politico drew attention to the fact that even with 178 votes in favor here or there, victory is nowhere near pocketed by the Socialists. Therefore, they still have to make a lot of agreements, promises and handshakes.

If neither they nor the Conservatives can form a government by the end of September (within 60 days of the election), the electors will be sent to the polls again.

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