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The soccer player fought for an MLS team and played under a pseudonym, and was banned forever

The soccer player fought for an MLS team and played under a pseudonym, and was banned forever

Montreal player Matko Miljevic, who plays in the North American Major League Soccer (MLS), tried to play in an amateur league with few opportunities to play, but ended up getting banned for life.

The American football player of Argentine and Croatian origin signed a contract with Montreal two years ago, but he failed to live up to the expectations placed on him to the point that he played only 124 minutes in eight matches this year, but only 35 times in total for the team. Canadian team. Due to the lack of playing opportunities, he thought he would increase his playing minutes in the amateur league at the invitation of a friend, but his professional contract with MLS did not allow it.

the Dance les Colisees According to his information, he played under a pseudonym for the former United States U-20 national team in the lower league, where he scored six goals in three matches, provided two assists, and was once named Man of the Match.

However, league officials soon realized that Miljevic was a professional player and demanded his real name. Registered as Matko Milojevic on the QCSL amateur league’s website, Miljevic has already disappeared from the squad, and his team has never reached the playoffs.

Journalist Maxim Truman reported on Wednesday that Miljevic was present as a spectator at a match for his amateur team, where the 22-year-old got into a heated argument with an opposition player, who allegedly spat on him and punched him. the face. The referee immediately stopped the match and Miljevic was suspended indefinitely by the amateur league.

Montreal indicated in a statement that it was not aware of the situation, but would take all necessary steps to clarify the matter.

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