The smile on the face of the Liu brothers coach froze today, but also our smile froze

The men’s 500m is also an interesting record for us, because it was won by Liu Shawang at the Beijing Olympics last year, and he was also the defending champion in the World Cup. But even though he changed countries and went to China, he was unable to participate in the World Cup in Seoul and had to miss one year. In the final, Italy’s Pietro Siegel, coming out of the last turn on the inside turn, had the advantage, but Lin Hsiu-chun, representing the Chinese colors (who became the Olympic champion in the 1500m in 2018 while still a South Korean) had a lot. From the hair from the outside, and it was impossible to determine who won the eye. Next to the backboard, the Italians and the Chinese were very happy, and Zhang Ching Lina patted her competition on the shoulder with a big smile on her face.

Here, Lina Changqing still believed that they had won

But minutes later, the smile froze on his face when it became clear that he had not won a world championship title, not even a silver, because Lin Hsiu-chun was disqualified. If there were no exclusion, the gold would have gone to the Chinese.

As it turned out later, there was a problem with Lin Hsio-chun’s equipment, as the competitor did not wear a transceiver that, although mandatory, had a role in timing. normal error…

We had good results in the World Cup even without Liu Shawang and Liu Shaolin

Of course, the semi-finals of the men’s and women’s relay were important to us. Our women’s relay (3000 meters) finished the World Cup finals series in fifth place behind the Canadians, the Dutch, the Koreans and the Italians, so that our team missed the first two editions of the six World Cup competitions. The top eight is followed by the Chinese, Poles and Japanese. Jászápáti’s Petras won silver in Dordrecht behind the Canadians, and won bronze in Almaty, here behind the Koreans and Canadians. It should also be noted that they took second place at the European Championships in Gdansk, ahead of the Italians. The men’s relay (5,000m) team entered the top eight based on overall World Cup results without even Sándor Liu Shaoang and Liu Shaolin finishing seventh. However, he missed the first two competitions, just like the women. The ranking of SMEs looks like this: Canada, Korea, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Holland, Hungary, Italy. Our men’s relay also took a medal, it took third place in Dresden, but the fourth place in Kazakhstan also covers the performance of Courage.

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Now, at the World Championships in Seoul, the women’s relay team took second place on Friday, and our men’s relay team reached the semi-finals today thanks to a good timely result. In the quarterfinals, the quartet of Petra Yachapati, Zofia Konya, Rebecca Zelicze-Niemt and Zofia Konya was surpassed only by the Dutch. The men’s relay team of Attila Tallapos, Pence Nogrady, Daniel Tiburts and Peter Gaszabate finished third behind the Netherlands and Canada in the quarter-final race.

The opportunity was lost due to the fall

And a strange situation arose that in the semifinals both of our teams went out in the relay on the ice against the Koreans, Italians and Japanese, precisely in the combination that was seen in the quarterfinals. Based on the above, our women’s relay team had a better chance, but Rebecca Zelicze-Niemet fell behind in third place, so our team finished fourth. Tomorrow in Final B, they can shoot for fifth place, battling against the Japanese, Poles and Americans. Our men’s relay did not reach the final either, when towards the end the pace picked up, the Koreans and Italians dropped out. The Nógrádi team beat the Japanese, and tomorrow in Final B they can fight again with them, as well as with the Dutch and Poles, for fifth place.

Unfortunately, today we didn’t have single digits success either. She bid farewell to Rebecca Szelice-Nemet in the 1500m semi-finals, and Pence Nogrady, Daniel Tyburts, Alex Varneck and Sara Luca Paskai could not advance from the hopeful races.

Today, four medals were distributed, the Dutch won two and the Koreans and Italians one each. When the results of the women’s 500m event were announced, three Dutch competitors took the podium.

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