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The small Bosnian coast is cheap, but picturesque: it is easily accessible from Croatia – travel

The small Bosnian coast is cheap, but picturesque: it is easily accessible from Croatia – travel

The Adriatic is very popular with Hungarians in the summer, which isn’t surprising: its Mediterranean towns, stunning beaches, and nearby location make it an ideal destination. Although most people visit the holiday regions of Croatia and Italy according to statistics, the region still has a lot of amazing places. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of them.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has only a small coastline, only a 22-kilometer portion belongs to the country, which is joined by Croatian lands on both sides, but visiting it is guaranteed to be an eternal experience.

Bosnia and Herzegovina coast

When it comes to the unmissable sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, many people think of the exciting cities of Sarajevo and Mostar, and perhaps Medjugorje, which is known as a place of pilgrimage, or the famous medieval tombstones, the Shtax, also included in the World Heritage List, but Relatively few people target the coast.

The Bosnian coast is so small that not many people know that, although it is really easy to reach from the southern part of Croatia, around Dubrovnik, it is about 70 kilometers from the city famous for the filming location.

The most important city on the Bosnian Riviera is Neum, which has a Mediterranean atmosphere and is sunny, dominating almost the entire coast. The settlement of approximately 4,600 people has beautiful, rocky, and sandy beaches and plenty of affordable accommodations. Tourism is largely concentrated in the coastal area, and it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular location among locals.

Although it used to be a resort for the communist elite, today it is an ideal destination for families and groups of friends. Prices are generally cheaper than in neighboring Croatia, so you can spend a more financially favorable vacation in the region, which gives Bosnia serious attractiveness.

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The beaches in the enclosed bay and small peninsula of Croatia’s Pelješac Peninsula are particularly safe for families, but the area is also suitable for diving and water sports.

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Due to its cultural diversity, the country is a special region in Europe: Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox, and Jews alike have shaped its history. Once functioning as a fishing and trading settlement, today you can find in it the memory of the Yugoslav era and modern aspirations. The city’s streets and vantage points, built into the hillside, offer a wonderful panoramic view of the magical blue Adriatic Sea.

Bosnian dishes are also worth tasting. The hamburger-like pljeskavica, csevapcicsa, burek, or apple-nut-stuffed tufahija are also familiar in other Balkan cuisines. It is definitely worth combining a vacation in the Dubrovnik region with exploring the lesser known and less expensive region.

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