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The Slovenian Christmas table is good when there is no room for glasses

The Slovenian Christmas table is good when there is no room for glasses

Each of the 24 gastronomic regions has its own specialties, but in Slovenia December is one of the most exciting times for cooking. At this time, not only people's hearts, but also their taste buds are dressed up for celebration, and the traditional flavors of centuries come alive.

In many places in Slovenia, the tradition of fasting is still followed to this day, where healthy dishes such as legumes, cereals, porridge, cod with polenta or potato soup are included on the menu.

Spread, spread my table!Source: Aviarips/Slovenian Tourism Office

Meat is only put on the table around Christmas Day – mainly in the form of ham, because people believe that you should not scratch your claws, but move towards the New Year with your nose.

The table is good when there is no place for glasses

According to Slovenian tradition, the table should be so full of food on Christmas Day that there can be no room for the cups. Immediately after midnight, sausages are served in the form of krvafis and pesinis in the hope of good luck, while the real gourmet dish is the kaban meat, which is served fried, stuffed or as a stew at Christmas.

Sausages are placed on the table in the hope of good luckSource: shutterstock / Dusan Zidar

In Slovenia, not only meat, but also side dishes play an important role on the festive table. Pickled radishes and sauerkraut are also excellent for boosting the immune system on cold holiday days, while potatoes baked in a cast iron skillet are so delicious they almost melt in your mouth.

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Traditional sauerkrautSource: shutterstock / Dusan Zidar

Christmas bread is also used for livestock

One of the oldest customs is the preparation of “popertnik”, that is, Christmas bread, a tradition that has remained since pagan times. The white flour bread used to celebrate the winter solstice and the light was linked to a special power, which is why the bread of last Christmas did not only reach the table, but also reached the livestock and the fields. Hope to get a good harvest next year.

Slovenian Christmas breadSource: Aviarips/Slovenian Tourism Office

From fruit bread to tarragon cake

No Slovenian holiday menu is complete without desserts, especially if there is empty space left in our stomach after eating several dishes. One of the most famous sweets is Shtrukleji, which is pies with different fillings. Among them, the nut version is the most popular, but cheese, apples or poppy seeds can also be added. Fruit bread is also often on the Christmas table, the recipe varies from region to region, but in addition to fresh and dried fruits, nuts are also an important ingredient in this food specialty.

What couldn't be missing from the table: BotikaSource: Aviarips/Slovenian Tourism Office

What should never be missing from the festive table is boutique. This cake is made from yeast dough that is folded, stretched and stuffed with different fillings. Although more than 80 different fillings are known, typical Slovenian potica fillings include walnuts, hazelnuts, tarragon, poppy seeds, and cheese.

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According to housewives, making a good potica requires first of all a lot of time and love, as well as the secret that grandmothers and mothers pass on to their daughters and granddaughters through generations.

(Source: Aviarips/Slovenian Tourism Office)

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