The Slovak Finance Minister has adopted the Schkos Hadhzy method

The Slovak Finance Minister has adopted the Schkos Hadhzy method

Igor Matovich has spread against former Prime Minister Robert Fico.

There was a scandal at the Thursday session of the Slovak Parliament. Igor Matovich He writes that he provoked Samir’s boss by showing a poster during his speech new word, and Labs. when Robert kept And he spoke about the importance of summoning the current Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Finance thought that it was time to suspend the paper.

The killer preaches about morals on the corner of the street.

The opposition demanded that the Speaker of the House of Representatives be dismissed Igor Matovikot From the conference room where the introduction of optical aids is prohibited.

Boris Kolar He refused, arguing that the finance minister did not break the House rule because he created the poster directly in public. Smer’s boss unreasonably called that members should not bring visual aids into the room, but they could make it on the spot. Robert kept Next time, he added, they too would carry a hundred-meter canvas and draw. Boris Kolar On this, this rule will certainly be modified.

But then, he clashed hard with the former prime minister, who addressed him, implying that there were no more expectations. of plagiarismAnd the housekeeper asked him what to expect from the gangsters.

He’s more a gangster than an impersonator, but that’s another thing

Robert Fico said. Igor Matovich has already done it Facebook page highlighting this peculiar set of values.

Anyway, it is sure to Ákos Hadházy He created a transcendental genre, although he tried to confuse it with more elaborate paintings. Victor Urban Laszlo Cover punish him for that.

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